Popular Football Betting Types You Can Find On Betting Sites

Football betting is prevalent in all corners of the world. It is legal in most of the regions. The betting sites are doing their best to keep the bettors engaged. They come up with the popular betting systems to blur the line between the offline and online ways of football betting. Listed here are some of the betting systems you can find on the football betting sites generally.

  • Over/Under 

There is no exact number of goals to be bet upon. The bookmakers set a number to be the total of both the scores. Normally, it is set at 35.0. The bettors choose over and under the total number of scores predicted by the bookmakers. It is generally found that high scoring games can hover over the number 50, while the low-scoring games are pegged at 35.0 points. There are still some college football competitions which make it easy for the bookmakers to set the mark at 70.0.

  • Point spread 

This is believed to be the king of betting options. The bettors surrender -4.0 points for the favorite teams while the underdogs are given +4.0. Thus, to win the bet on the favorite, the team has to win by the points the bettor is giving up. Similarly, when bet is on the underdog, the team must either win straight or lose by the margin equal to the points allotted by the bettor.

  • Parlays 

This is one of the very lucrative but high-risk bets available for betting. In this bet, which is a combination kind of bet, a minimum of three bets on the sides which are not related at all are to be clubbed. The number of selections made can go as high as 8. There can be four-fold and onwards bet sizes available on parlays. The main aim of the parlay is to increase the payout. The only catch is that all the bets clubbed in the parlay should be won.

  • Props bets 

These are the bets largely based on the research made on the performance of the teams. The bettors are placing bet on the predictions made about the match, such as whether the match will be a clean scoreboard, or which team will score a goal first, the type of goal – turnover, touchdown or field goal – that the team will score first time, which player will score the goal first and so on. All the betting possibilities arising from the statistics can be included in the propositions bets or prop bets.

  • Moneylines 

This is the most commonly used betting system for betting on the underdogs. The games featuring small spreads are also bet upon using this system. Moneyline is used to cover for the loss that occurs when the favorite team does not win by larger spread. The points are given up in lieu of better payouts.

So, these are some of the common betting options available on UFA games. You can learn more about these and practice them using hypothetical situations before plunging into the real action.

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