The Various Types of Computerised Embroidery Machines

Technology has merged with every industry, including the garment manufacturing sector, and with the latest generation of computerised embroidery, you have amazing quality embroidery time after time. Once programmed, the machine will faithfully replicate the pattern at a steady pace, producing high quality garments every time, and with that in mind, here are some of the variations of embroidery machines that are used in the industry.

  • Flat Embroidery – The most popular of all the embroidery machines, flat embroidery is commonly found on all styles of clothing and with an easy to use interface, you can load the pattern file and configure the number of garments you need. You get to create your own unique designs with a computer screen and interface that make programming easy.
  • Cord Embroidery – Cord is commonly used to decorate jeans and shirts, which is raised from the fabric, and by loading your pattern file and preparing the cord, the computerised embroidery machine (known as ขายเครื่องปักคอมพิวเตอร์ in Thai ) will replicate the pattern as many times as you wish. You may already have clothing lines and wish to add something novel by stitching cord, which is easily done with the right machinery.
  • Chain Stitch Embroidery – The latest generation of chain stitch embroidery machines are fully programmable and can handle multiple threads of varying colours. You simply use the interface to program the pattern and the machine does the rest, which is really convenient. You can experiment on old garments until you are happy with the outcome, then set everything up for an experimental run.
  • Lace Embroidery – Lace is a very popular add-on for modern clothing, and investing in a lace embroidery machine is a wise move if you stitch lace to your garments. You might, for example, have a unique denim range and adding lace trims really does make the garments unique. The fully functional computer screen allows you to create complex patterns and choose the colour threads you wish to use, then once the program is activated, the machine will embroider your garments automatically.
  • Tuft Embroidery – Adding tufts is a very fashionable way to brighten up garments and the latest generation of tuft embroidery machines are fully programmable, allowing you to create unique designs.

All of the above machines are great assets to any sewing factory, and if you would like to talk to a leading supplier, a Google search is all it takes. Once you have made contact, they would be happy to show you their range of embroidery machines and help you make the right choices.

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