What to Look for in a Dog Boarding Kennel?

Every pet owner wants to bring their friends wherever they go, this includes going on holiday. But this isn’t always possible, sometimes you just have to leave them behind for a few days while you take a much-needed vacation or go on an important business trip. Leaving them with family or friends can be awkward, your best option is to find a reliable dog kennel.


As soon as you know you are going away, it is vitally important to book the kennel immediately. When it comes to major holidays or breaks such as Christmas time, companies who specialise in dog boarding are usually extremely busy around this period.

Reputable dog kennels in Sydney recommend booking well in advance to ensure you get a place for your pet. Some kennels even increase the price when it comes closer to busy periods, so it makes sense to book boarding a few weeks before you embark. If you are worried about money, you’ll need to book early to avoid a price hike.


Choosing a kennel for your beloved pet can be a bit tricky, especially if you haven’t used one before. The easiest, and most trusted way of finding a good company is to ask family, friends and work colleagues. Along with word of mouth recommendations, you can also ask other individuals who are involved in the pet industry, this would include people who are dog groomers, vets and anyone else associated with the industry.

Assessing the Kennel

When evaluating a company who offer dog boarding services, you must visit their premises. You shouldn’t decide based on a phone conversation or after viewing their website. If you wish to find suitable accommodation, you need to keep the following points in mind:

  • Employees – Do they seem happy in the job or are you getting a bad vibe? They should be enjoying what they are doing, you’ll easily pick this up when you visit the kennel.
  • Cleanliness and overall appearance of the facility
  • Is the staff knowledgeable and caring?
  • Relationship between employees and other animals in the kennel
  • Are the dogs relaxed or do they seem on edge?
  • How good are the facilities?

Bad Signs

Some kennels may look great for your dog, but you must be wary when assessing each facility. Don’t be blinded by fancy facilities with all the latest equipment, the staff is very important too. There are some warning signs to look out:

  • Dogs that seem on edge – pacing up and down or constantly barking
  • A bad odour in the facility
  • Unkept sleeping areas
  • Boarding kennels who are unwilling to provide tours
  • Poorly kept facilities that need a renovation or better maintenance
  • Small enclosure which lacks ample space

When assessing a dog kennel, it is important to book a tour and have a good look at the facility. Talk to other employees and watch them as they interact with the animals. You’ll learn a lot from one visit, giving you an idea of how well the place is run. When deciding on a company, be sure to do your homework, and research in detail.

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